The nursery

The nursery welcomes babies from 4 month to 3 years old, Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

It offers a regular daycare service on a yearly basis, children are present according to the days and the times chosen by parents.

With the « on demand service », parents can book extra sessions on a one-off basis subject to a space being available. Parents can look up availabilities beforehand to confirm their booking.

For children with disabilities, parents are welcome to contact the manager in order to study together, and with the family doctor, the specific needs.

Conditions of attendance

Regular sessions, 4 packages of services are proposed on a yearly basis (11 months):

  • 200 hours/month, 160 hours/month, 120 hours/month, 80 hours/month.
  • A contract states the days and the times of attendance, the dates of absences and the child's inscription to meals service (lunch and afternoon snack).

For specific needs, a tailored offer is proposed to parents.

Annual admission to the nursery is required for the regular sessions (see fees).

When allotted hours are exceeded, all hours started will be due (see fees).

One-off sessions are also possible subject to availability (see fees).

Admission forms containing the documents to be filled in as well as the regulations will be given on parents' request.

Regular sessions

Admission of a child will require:

  • the admission form filled in and signed by parents or legal representative, which is the contract for the annual fixed fee service
  • proof of residence
  • the certificate of civil liability of the parents
  • the aptitude to community life certificate, given by the child's doctor
  • the child's health form, signed by the child's doctor
  • the parents signed authorization or refusal to have child's photograph taken during nursery activities
  • the child's record details, containing personal and professional contact details of the parents, and listing people authorized to collect the child and their contact details
  • the emergency medical treatment authorisation, signed by the parents
  • the acceptation of the nursery rules signed by the parents
  • the annual admission fee

One-off sessions

  • the child's record details must be completed with contact information in the event of an emergency
  • The child's health booklet will have to be in his/her bag


Open from September to August, 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM, except French bank holidays.

Fee structure

Please, contact us.


Monthly invoices are made at the beginning of the running month.

The agreed hours for the month and any excess from the previous month are detailed on the invoice.

Late payment may cause the exclusion of the child and may entail a collection procedure.