The team

Our operational team is the heart of the nursery.

Children from the following cities are welcome :

  • Mareil-Marly
  • L'Étang-la-Ville
  • Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche
  • Port-Marly
  • Marly-le-Roi
  • Le Pecq
  • Saint-Germain-en-Laye
  • Fourqueux

Team members are selected for their qualifications, experiences and personal capacity to answer the needs of each child.

The operational team is made up of early childhood professionals:

  • The technical manager with the qualification « EJE – Educateur Jeune Enfant » having a proven experience. He/She is in charge of the technical follow-up of the nursery, and also plans and coordinates the educational project.
  • Several childcare assistants, with a qualification « CAP Petite Enfance », and having a minimum of 2 years experience. They are responsible for setting the daily framework for the children and take part in the implementation of the educational project.
  • An English childcare assistant, responsible for carrying out the « Exposure to English » project. She organizes activities in English and takes part in the implementation of the educational project.